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A visionary publication of uncommon beauty

The Developer publishes two magazines per year, released in March and October, exploring radical approaches to place through words and photography in an uncommonly elegant print edition.


The most highly-anticipated launch in business-to-business publishing in decades, The Developer is brought to you by Christine Murray, award-winning former Editor-in-Chief of The Architectural Review and the Architects’ Journal, with art direction by the award-winning Micha Weidmann Studio, known for work with brands such as Prada, Zaha Hadid, Time Out and Tate Modern

First edition: risk

The uncommonly beautiful first edition of The Developer will inspire and inform makers of place with its focus on overcoming RISK to create pieces of city where people want to live, work, play and learn.


The Developer is all about unpicking the user experience of the city and how to make better places for people. Our content in this first edition addresses questions such as how do you preserve cultural vibrancy and street culture? How are transport behaviours changing how people travel? What are the risks of ground-up development and community consultation – and what’s the best way to do it anyway? How are levels of personal debt impacting the way we spend money in the city – and how is this affecting the high street?


We also publish our exclusive Placetest: an anthropological study of King’s Cross Central, which interrogates how Argent’s masterplan influences the social interactions and behaviours of people on site, from the scale of Granary Square to the ancillary spaces around Central Saint Martin, including questions about socioethnic diversity and edge conditions. This deep dive into the user experience of King’s Cross by anthropologist Nitasha Kapoor offers lessons and learnings for shapers of place, accompanied by street photography by John Sturrock, who has been capturing King’s Cross for twenty years.


The magazine also includes in-depth case studies on Granby Four Streets, Liverpool Waters, Dundee Waterfront and the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area.


Plus, read interviews with leading developers including maverick Roger Madelin, Head of Canada Water, British Land, who speaks about the inherent challenge of getting things right, and how to feel the fear and do it anyway.


Be part of it, promote your contribution to making better cities and support the placemaking community by advertising or sponsoring The Developer, which will be distributed at Mipim and hand-delivered to leaders in private and public-sector development, investors, local government and key influencers. To connect with our audience through our events and publications, contact Portfolio Director James Macleod at


We are looking to amplify a diverse range of voices sharing fresh perspectives on the user experience of cities. If you have ideas or something to say, please get in touch.


Contact Editor-in-chief Christine Murray at


To connect with our audience through our events and publications, contact Portfolio Director James Macleod at


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